Benefits of WASPA Membership

Top 10 Reasons to Join WASPA

  • Our Board Members and opportunities to get involved
  • WECAN - access (for an additional fee) to the state’s premier online recruitment and application network for teachers and other school district employees 
  • Member Resources - access to "Members Only" resources on the WASPA website
  • Professional Development - grow yourself as a leader and increase the skills and training of your support staff at a Fall Conference, Joint WASBO/WASPA Personnel Academy, Winter Seminar, Spring Conference, Legal Seminar, Academy for New HR Administrators and Support Staff or Webinar Series
  • AASPA Affiliation - connection to resources at the national level
  • Collaboration with Wisconsin College and University education placement officials
  • News Updates:  Monthly WASPA Newsletter, Legal Update, Benefits Update and WASPA Update keeps you connected with current issues and WI Education News - provides a daily news feed of school-related articles from around the state
  • Mentor Program - Veteran HR members provide support and resources to new HR administrators and support staff
  • SAA Affiliation - provides a voice to the state legislature through the School Administrators Alliance
  • Business Affiliates - have access to vetted businesses; providing premier HR solutions for districts

Mentor Program

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors.  A WASPA mentor is a person who provides the tools, guidance, support and feedback you will need to thrive in your school human resources career.  WASPA mentors are well established in their field and have a wealth of expertise and knowledge.  They are able to share their expertise and are willing to invest in your growth.  One of the key responsibilities of the mentor will be to provide you with guidance, inspiration, and feedback.   Additionally, your mentor can help you build your own professional network by connecting you with other WASPA members and resources.

No two mentorship relationships are the same.  The relationship established is unique based on your needs, personality, learning styles, expectations, and experiences.  Your WASPA mentor can provide one or all of the following, tailored to your specific needs:  regular opportunities to reflect together; an opportunity for skill development measured in competencies gained; assistance with a specific project or issue; and a significant, long-term effect on your work style.

The WASPA mentor program is designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • To provide opportunities for new-to-HR professionals to acquire the performance skills and knowledge necessary for the effective implementation of their job responsibilities
  • To provide a resource in order to facilitate decision making associated with the challenges and problems faced by HR professionals
  • To develop a cadre of experienced school human resources professionals who would be willing to participate in the implementation of mentor activities

The Mentor Program includes periodic seminars with valuable training and the opportunity to network with others who are new to school HR.  We start the year with a July Academy for New HR Administrators and Support Staff, followed by pre-conference seminars preceding both the fall and spring conferences. Those who are interested will be paired with a veteran WASPA mentor.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, either as a mentee or mentor, please contact WASPA Executive Director, Michelle Golden at [email protected].