Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN)

WECAN is the state's premier online recruitment and application network for teachers and other school district employees.  WECAN charges an additional fee for access to their services.

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Contact WECAN directly at  [email protected]

  • Common application for teachers means more applicants for districts
  • Option to create personalized questions for your district
  • Used by over 400 districts throughout the state
  • Applicants searchable by:
    • license
    • name
    • regional interest
    • certification
    • keyword (i.e., six trait writing)
    • and much more
  • Online evaluation tools to help screen applicants
  • Online, paperless application storage that meets all legal requirements
  • Low cost and low maintenance with high rewards
School Eligibility Requirements for WECAN Membership:
1.  The employer is listed in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) directories of public districts, public schools or private schools. 
2.  The employer is required by DPI to hire a DPI-licensed 4k teacher. 
3.  The employer is part of the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program and only hires DPI-licensed teachers. 
4.  The employer is a governmental agency that only hires DPI-licensed teachers to provide services to public school districts. 
5.  The employer specializes in educating students upon referrals from public school districts or through the court system, and only hires DPI-licensed teachers. 


Contact WECAN directly at  [email protected].  WECAN can only be contacted via email, and they are very prompt with their responses. Thank you!